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Perfect place for business:

A solid, impressively spacious complex of office building at Konstitucijos av. 21 is designed according to the latest architectural trends, to become a major business attraction centre in Vilnius. It will host the companies that will not only be perfect visible, but will also operate in a very convenient place for businesses and in the environment friendly place for employees.

Innovative and cutting-edge class A+ offices will not only ensure pleasant working but also enhance your performance. We have planned a common-use complex of teleconference hall and rooms for special meetings for your convenience. Under your requirement, a spacious main lobby area could be used as a place for any commercial matters. You will also be able to offer your business guests and partners a cozy stay in a small hotel. A necessary item for work – a free Wi-Fi access, which is being planned in common-use areas. Every businessman would value the cocoon-cabins projected in the building of the business centre. They will enable an instant close down in an area isolated from a surrounding noise, and have a telephone conversation privately. Quadrum is an ideal place for long-term, considerate, progressive and ambitios companies.



BREEAM – is an international environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings. The effective use of energy is secured by harmonious completeness of constructive and technical solutions. Exterior of the buildings will have special sun blinds or vertical marquises with an automatic regulation. The installation of an automatic control of the ventilation system is being planned as well (sensors automatically turn off ventilation when there are no people in the premises). Expenses of electricity should be reduced due to the use of LED lights and lighting of premises should be regulated by a smart automatic control. The green roofs saving the rainwater are being planned as well. In every step we care about effectiveness, however health and well-being of people working here are important to us also.



A strategically viable, prestigious location in the heart of Vilnius;

BREEAM sustainability certificate;

Flexible adaptation of interiors to the specific needs of companies;

Friendly and comfortable work and recreation areas;

Multi-functionality of buildings allowing the employees to handle all important issues without leaving the business centre.

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