• Office center 1000

Kaina: €220 - 4730

  • Objekto tipas:
  • Sandorio tipas:
  • Plotas: 20 kv. m. - 430 kv. m. 
  • Aukštas: 4-9 / 10

Ignas Prieskenis

Vadovas/ Brokeris
  • 861360780
  • Ignas@patera.lt


This is a Class A office and services center for those who want to reach the top in business, who appreciate prestige, image and quality, and who want to create a work environment that is both cozy and convenient.

This is the highest quality real estate – a unique combination of architecture and selected materials that have allowed us to create the best possible environment for work, events, business meetings and creative activities.

The advantages of Office Center 1000:


  • Unique implementation of architectural decisions that will have long – lasting value in Lithuania
  • Up-to-date, modern engineering systems/solutions
  • A very convenient location for business
  • Individual design and functional arrangement of offices


When you choose Office Center 1000, you can make use of


  • Economic autonomous central heating system
  • 24-hour security and surveillance services
  • Large car parking area for you and your guests
  • Free interior design according to your wishes
  • All communication services
  • Infrastructure to improve your business efficiency
  • For those who appreciate prestige and want to reach the top in businesses, we offer:



  • Offices for rent


  • The most attractive location in Kaunas (Taikos Ave. 88A, next to Urmas shopping centre)
  • Building with new contemporary design made with durable materials
  • Large, secure parking lot
  • Free interior design according to the standards of the tenant
  • State-of-the-art technology and economic air-conditioning, heating and communication systems

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